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The Multi-functional hoist has the characteristics of fast braking speed, small volume, light weight, compact structure, easy to use and easy maintenance. It has 300-600kg, 400-800kg, 500-1000kg 750-1500KG, 1T-2T, the length of the wire rope can be customized according customer’s demands.
Multi-functional Hoist can be used in residential construction, ash brick, freight yard warehouse, shopping malls, restaurants, individual workshops, small factories, can make any Angle of moving, lifting, loading and unloading, it is the better small lifting tool.



KCD type electric hoist winch  is a kind of electric winch, apply to ground and air field, widely used in the construction industry, with the feature of large throughput, hoisting height is high, stable and reliable operation and so on.
This winch the mainly application fields as: used for residential buildings, lifting ash brick, dig well to carry the soil, depot, shopping, malls, hotels, factories and mines, small individual workshop for any angle of handing, lifting loading and unloading, is the most optimal small promotion tools in domestic, also widely used in small and medium-size houses, high-rise building to decorate, hanging floor, to dig a well carry soil, it is the common machinery for lifting work in factory and warehouse and individuals.


1)  The product we produced is in compliance with the nationalstandard.
2) The design is reasonable 
3) The materials are of good quality,
4) The structure is advanced.
5) The appearance is beautiful and the size is compact

Technical parameters





Rated capacity(kg)




                    Maximum lift height


Lifting Speed (m/min)



                            Motor power(kw)












Load factor(JC)


Working class


Wire rope specification D-6X  19-6.2  D-6X  19-5.1
Weight(kg) <100kg
KCD electric winch (4)
KCD electric winch (1)

CD1 electric wire rope hoist (2)

Packaging & Shipping

KCD electric winch (2)

Delivery time: For spot goods within 5-10days. According to the quantity of the orders, the delivery time will be within 30-55days.
Packing: General export packing, or customized packing as your request.
Professional goods shipping forwarder.

Trouble shooting

Trouble phenomenon  Reason Solved way
No-loading motor don’t move, under-loading motor move but roller drum don’t move.
  1. no join into the power
  2. motor brake down
  3. Inspect the power and control line
  4. replace or repair motor
Motor running un-normal but grunt sound
  1. one phase power outage
  2. brake bite dead
  3. Inspect the power
  4. Adjust brake space
Loading brake failure or slip long
  1. brake oil dirt or big wear
  2. pressure spring failure
1.Clear and adjust brake, gap of brake wheel 2.Replace pressure spring
Rolling drum or reducer sound un-normal
  1. Gear or bearing problem 2.reducer lack oil  3.coupling cushion rubber damage 4.Join or fixing bolt loosen
Promptly repair, adjust, replace
Hoist cover has electricity 1.One phase short circuit with cover 2.Safe ground cable cut or no good connection 1.Inspect or replace motor

2. Inspect or repair safe ground cable

Motor temperature too high
  1. Over-load working
  2. Frequent operation
  3. Gap of brake small
  4. No over-loading
  5. Operate by standard of JC40%
  6. Adjust brake gap
Heavy load is lift in the air stopping but restart difficulty Power supply voltage is too low


Wait power supply voltage normal and then start

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